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Australia is a land of opportunities. Australia needs Skilled professionals and Tradespersons like
you to be part of its Economy. If you ever dreamed of living and working in Australia, then you
are in the right site at the right time.

Professionals / Tradespersons check your eligibility for Australian Permanent Residency?
To see if you are eligible for an Australian Permanent Residency Visa (Skilled Independent Visa -
Sub class 175), answer the following basic questions or perform a
complete points check:

Are you:
  • Between 18 and 44 years of Age?
  • A Professional or tradesperson?
  • Hold a Degree, Diploma, Trade certificate, Apprenticeship or on the job training?
  • Able to communicate in English ?
  • Have at least 12 months work experience or 2 years Australian study?

If you have answered “Yes” to all the above, then you may have a good chance of meeting the
visa requirements.

What is Skilled Independent Visa (SIV) and Points Test
Skilled Independent Visa (SIV) is a type of General Skilled Migration Visas granted by the
Australian government. SIV allows you, your partner and any of your dependent children to
migrate to Australia as a Permanent Residents. SIV is granted based on Points.

Points are granted for meeting various visa requirements. To be eligible for SIV visa you should
score at least the minimum points set by the Australian Immigration department. The current
minimum points or pass mark is 120.

Do you meet the current minimum points?
Check if you meet the current minimum Points by performing a Visa Points test. The Visa Points
test is updated with the new changes unitl 16th March 2009.

Analysing your Points Test score
If you score at least 120 or more points, you may consider that your visa application as NOT
being a complex one. Even if you score less than the minimum points, there are ways to
enhance your score. You need not panic and conclude that you do not meet the points test or
visa requirements. Once you have the minimum points, you can apply for a Skilled Independent

Ways to apply for your Australian Visa
You can either apply by yourself or go through a migration agent or lawyer. If you go through
an Agent or lawyer, it might cost you about A$1,500 to A$5,000 in service charges depending
on the Agent. The service charges normally are non refundable and do not include your visa
application or other visa related costs.

However, if you decide to apply by yourself, you can download our DIY Kit now for only a
fraction of that cost. Best of all you can start your visa process today and never wait for
another Agent’s appointment.

Who should use the DIY Kit?
DIY Kit is suitable for all professionals and tradesperson, who is looking to work and live in
Australia, permanently. DIY Kit only covers Skilled Independent visa (Sub class 175) applicable
for professionals & tradespersons who reside outside Australia.

If you are in Australia/New Zealand or not a professional / tradesperson, this kit is NOT for you.
You should not use this website or DIY Kit if you are not acting in the capacity of an Individual.

Why should you use the DIY Kit to make your own visa application?
You should note that going through an Agent or lawyer will not increase your chance of getting
your visa. This is not said by us to promote our product. It is actually said by the Australian
Immigration department on their website. Following is a verbatim copy of what is said on the
Australian Immigration website about using a Migration Agent’s service:

“You are able to lodge any kind of visa application or asylum claim yourself. Your application will
not be decided any sooner if you use a migration agent and they cannot influence the outcome
of your application.”

So why do you want to go through an Agent when they cannot guarantee you a positive
outcome. Why spend thousands of your hard earned money when you can actually do it
yourself and it is legally accepted by the Australian Immigration department.

To read more about the benefits of applying by yourself, go to
DIY vs Agent

What is on our DIY Kit?
Our DIY Kit is divided into four major parts and following are some of the contents that you will
find under each part:

A) Pre-Visa process and documentation
  • Complete visa process and procedures
  • Step by step guide for each visa requirement
  • List of documents needed for each visa requirement
  • Invaluable visa tips to increase the success rate of your application
  • All related costs of each visa requirement
  • Process time for each visa requirement
  • FAQ for each visa requirement

B) Submission of Skilled Independent Visa Application
  • Step by step guide for preparing the visa application
  • Making a visa application through post / courier
  • Making an Online visa application
  • Tips to fill out the visa application form
  • Costs and process time involved in submitting the application
  • Contact details for submission of visa application through post

C) Education, Health and Character Checks
  • Detailed explanation of each type of checks
  • Costs involved for each checks
  • Process time for each checks

D) Grant of Skilled Independent Visa
  • Explanation of the process for grant or denial of visa
  • Visa interview tips

In addition to the above, the Kit has the following Forms, Checklists and Sample Letters that
you may need for preparing and submitting your General Skilled Independent Visa.

Form / List / Sample Letter
  • Skilled Occupational List (pdf file)
  • MODL List (pdf file)
  • Visa Application Documents Check List (pdf file)
  • IELTS Test Centres (pdf file)
  • Community Languages List (pdf file)
  • IELTS Application form (pdf file)
  • Visa Application form (pdf file)
  • Skill Assessment sample Covering letter (MS Word file)
  • Employment Reference sample letter (MS Word file)
  • Visa application sample covering letter (MS Word file)
  • Sample Letter for unaccompanied spouse (MS Word file)
  • Sample Australian Resume (MS Word file)
  • Expense Tracker (MS Excel file)
  • Frequently Asked Questions relating to visa & process (pdf file) - BONUS!
  • List of Police or Penal Clearance Authority by Country (pdf file) - New & Updated!
  • Statutory Declaration (Template) (pdf file) - New Addition!
  • Critical Skills List (pdf file) - Latest Change!

We have made your application process simpler by giving you all communication letters that you
need in MS Word, that way you can edit and customise contents to suit your needs.

All the above contents are updated to include
changes to General skilled Independent (175) visa
only until 15th May 2009.

Doing the visa application yourself will save you money, time and energy. Once you apply and
get your Australia Permanent Resident Visa, you will start to enjoy these benefits:

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa (Click here to view a Sample Australia Visa)
  • Multiple entry visa
  • Access to free Australian Healthcare system (Medicare)
  • Access to low cost Public Schools and education system
  • Access to Government welfare payments and concessions
  • Work and settle anywhere in Australia
  • Better job opportunity, as most Australian businesses prefer Permanent Residents for
  • Engage in full time study without any restriction on work
  • Sponsor dependents, spouse, partner or any family members to visit Australia
  • Start your own business, without any restriction
  • Apply for Australian citizenship, only Permanent Residents are granted citizenship

Above are only a handful of benefits that you will enjoy when you become a Permanent

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